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Members of the public discuss issues ranging from housing and social care to domestic abuse and stalking

01.04.15 Martin Dunne zero hours

Martin Dunne, 20, has worked two jobs on zero-hours contracts which made him very anxious

‘I found it to be humiliating – I had no control’

01 Apr, 2015

26.02.15 Anna Jemiolek zero hours

Anna Jemiolek, 32, was sacked after protesting against zero-hours contracts

'The three of us who campaigned against zero-hour contracts have all been sacked'

26 Feb, 2015

16.02.15 Ron Lucas hospital car parking

Ron Lucas, 80, was charged £100 for exceeding allotted parking time by 88 seconds

‘They charged me more than £1 a second’

16 Feb, 2015

15.12.14 Jasmine Johnson unpaid internships

Jasmine Johnson, 20, interned at a magazine for five months without pay

"I was promoted but still wasn't being paid"

15 Dec, 2014

24.11.14 Rebecca Field poverty graduate

Rebecca Field, 22, has struggled to make ends meet after university

"I never thought I'd end up working as a cleaner"

24 Nov, 2014

Natash Daniels

Natasha Daniels, 23, was exploited by a company she interned with

"I was told I ‘wasn’t trying hard enough’ when I couldn’t afford to get the train to work"

26 Oct, 2014

Paul hambling

Paul Hambling, 26, is moving to Germany where there are better prospects for him

"We simply cannot afford to stay in the UK"

20 Oct, 2014

11.09.14 Angela has been stalked for 20 years

Angela (not her real name), 43, has been stalked for 20 years

"My stalker's solicitor made me feel so pathetic"

11 Sep, 2014

26.08.14 Isla Kapasi

Isla Kapasi, 35, has moved home in a bid to get her son into her preferred school

"We moved to an area with better state schools"

26 Aug, 2014

29.07.14 Sandee Sond, adults living at home

Sandee Sond, 25, can’t afford to move out of home

"I have to tell my parents when I'm going out"

29 Jul, 2014

28.07.14 Brenda domestic abuse

Brenda is a survivor of domestic abuse

"When I got a job, he poured hot fat on me"

28 Jul, 2014

Fay Harrison

Fay Harrison, 69, says her father is not getting the state-funded care he requires

"I just can't give my father the care he needs"

09 Jul, 2014

02.07.14 Shelagh Robinson Alzheimers

Shelagh Robinson, 73, was given no support when she was diagnosed with dementia

"It was like being told I had tonsillitis"

02 Jul, 2014

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