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Members of the public discuss issues ranging from housing and social care to domestic abuse and stalking

12.06.14 Krysia McKechnie stranded due to passport backlog

Krysia McKechnie, 34, has been left stranded due to the passport backlog

"I had no idea it would take as long as this"

12 Jun, 2014

22.05.14 Max Austin university fees

Max Austin, 20, says his university facilities aren’t worth the tuition fees

"I'd say very little of my £9,000 a year is spent on my degree"

22 May, 2014

08.05.14 Susan Anderson Unemployment in women over 50

Susan Anderson, 63, says older women are not welcome in the workplace

"I sent three applications a week for two years"

08 May, 2014

26.03.14 Sarah Boote housing price crisis

Sarah Boote, 24, is unable to get on the property ladder

"Buying a place is a long way off"

26 Mar, 2014

05.03.14 Emma Gorton-Ellicott

Emma Gorton-Ellicott, 37, says the current childcare system fails parents who want to work

"This month I've spent half my wages on childcare"

05 Mar, 2014

03.03.14 Gemma sex work laws

Gemma (not her real name) opposes proposals to penalise sex workers’ clients

"Sex workers want decriminalisation not legalisation"

03 Mar, 2014

22.02.14 Tracy Andrews

Tracy Andrews, 25, is struggling to get by because of welfare cuts

"I feel abandoned, depressed, angry"

22 Feb, 2014

20.02.14 Chloe Wright

Chloe Wright, 27, began cleaning her friends’ houses when she was made redundant

"It's brilliant to have my career back on track"

20 Feb, 2014

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