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28.05.15 Pussy Galore henchwoman

Pussy Galore, henchwoman

Iconic Bond Girl revived for new 007 book

28 May, 2015

27.05.15 Claire Baker atheist parent

Claire Baker, atheist parent

Manchester mother insists her children should not be exposed to religious education

27 May, 2015

26.05.15 Sean O'Brien dancing man

Sean O’Brien, dancing man

Man 'fat shamed' by online trolls flies to US to party with celebrity fanbase

26 May, 2015

23.05.15 Marian Voyce butcher

Marian Voyce, butcher

Britain's oldest female butcher determined to keep business afloat

23 May, 2015

20.05.15 Collins Injera rugby player

Collins Injera, rugby player

Sportsman accidentally destroys £60,000 camera - by signing it

20 May, 2015

19.05.15 Richard Blair campaigner

Richard Blair, campaigner

George Orwell's son calls on Spanish Government to preserve his father's fighting legacy

19 May, 2015

16.05.15 Roger Smith firefighter

Roger Smith, firefighter

Britain's longest serving firefighter hangs up his helmet after 48 years

16 May, 2015

15.05.15 Cornelia Parker artist

Cornelia Parker, artist

British artist unveils 13-metre-long Magna Carta embroidery

15 May, 2015

13.05.15 Jake McGowan-Lowe naturalist and bone collector

Jake McGowan-Lowe, naturalist and bone collector

Naturalist, 13, named one of Britain's most important 'conservation heroes'

13 May, 2015

12.05.15 Robert Worsley farmer

Robert Worsley, farmer

West Sussex farmer rejects £275m bid from property developers to save village

12 May, 2015

09.05.15 Michael Barry jigsaw puzzle enthusiast

Michael Barry, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast

Pensioner spends six hours per day completing puzzles to be sold in charity shop

09 May, 2015

07.05.15 Ann and Ian Clarke sailors

Ann and Ian Clarke, sailors

Cambridgeshire couple sell off possessions to fund round-the-world sailing adventure

07 May, 2015

04.05.15 Aaron Woodall football player

Aaron Woodall, football player

Six-year-old cancer patient crowned St Mirren Player of the Year

04 May, 2015

02.05.15 Emma Rice artistic director

Emma Rice, artistic director

Emma Rice appointed artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe

02 May, 2015

01.05.15 Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb former couple

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb, former couple

Former couple in frozen embryo battle

01 May, 2015

18.04.15 Manjinder Virk actress

Manjinder Virk, actress

Midsomer Murders signs up its first regular Asian character after 18 years

18 Apr, 2015

17.04.15 Alex Reppold head teacher

Alex Reppold, head teacher

Post-graduate student, 28, becomes UK's youngest head teacher

17 Apr, 2015

16.04.15 Dan Price CEO

Dan Price, CEO

Company boss cuts own salary by 90 per cent to pay employees more

16 Apr, 2015

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