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15.04.15 Ron Broomfield gnome collector

Ron Broomfield, gnome collector

Prolific owner of nearly 2,000 gnomes passes away

15 Apr, 2015

03.04.15 Kate Winslet actress

Kate Winslet, actress

A-list star clashes with local authorities over planning application

03 Apr, 2015

02.04.15 the Tweed siblings record-breaking family

The Tweed siblings, record-breaking family

Introducing the 12 brothers and sisters with a combined age of over 1,000

02 Apr, 2015

01.04.15 Robert Boon fundraiser

Robert Boon, fundraiser

Blind darts player accused of being 'too good' left 'humiliated' by DWP

01 Apr, 2015

31.03.15 Sisi Abu Dooah single mother

Sisi Abu Dooah, single mother

Egyptian woman disguises self as man for over 40 years to provide for family

31 Mar, 2015

27.03.15 Joan Collins actress

Joan Collins, actress

Dynasty star receives damehood

27 Mar, 2015

25.03.15 Mat Kirkby film director

Mat Kirkby, film director

Oscar winner sinks teeth into complimentary treats

25 Mar, 2015

24.03.15 Human shrub eco-activist

Human shrub, eco-activist

Eco-warrior will be 'thorn in the side' of anyone who threatens green spaces of Essex

24 Mar, 2015

21.03.15 The Clangers space creatures

The Clangers, space creatures

BBC unveils revived Clangers ahead of new £5m series narrated by Michael Palin

21 Mar, 2015

20.03.15 Tracey Neville netball coach and former player

Tracey Neville, netball coach and former player

Former England netball star appointed head coach of national team

20 Mar, 2015

17.03.2015 Mark Gatiss actor and screenwriter

Mark Gatiss, actor and screenwriter

'I based Mycroft on Peter Mandelson,' says Sherlock star

17 Mar, 2015

12.03.15 Ashton Kutcher actor

Ashton Kutcher, actor

Hollywood star calls for nappy-changing facilities in men’s public toilets

12 Mar, 2015

11.03.15 Dame Evelyn Glennie virtuoso percussionist

Dame Evelyn Glennie, virtuoso percussionist

British percussionist named 2015 Polar Music Prize Laureate

11 Mar, 2015

10.03.15 Saania and Muqaddas Tabaydar singers

Saania and Muqaddas Tabaydar, singers

Pakistani sisters become YouTube sensation with Justin Bieber cover

10 Mar, 2015

07.03.15 Liam Scholes schoolboy

Liam Scholes, schoolboy

Pupil 'excluded' from school's World Book Day celebrations for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' costume

07 Mar, 2015

06.03.15 Diablo Cody screenwriter

Diablo Cody, screenwriter

Sony enlists 'Juno' writer to hone Barbie script

06 Mar, 2015

05.03.15 Barbara Hodges Hedgehog saviour

Barbara Roberts, hedgehog saviour

Hedgehog population in peril, warns wildlife rehabilitator

05 Mar, 2015

25.02.15 Yoko Ono musician

Yoko Ono, musician

Yoko Ono tells 'ageist' critics: 'Get my energy or shut up'

25 Feb, 2015

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