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19.02.15 Jake Bowman-Davies capatain

Jake Bowman-Davies, captain

UK's youngest qualified ship captain saves crew from sinking vessel

19 Feb, 2015

18.02.15 Jon Snow broadcaster

Jon Snow, broadcaster

Channel 4 news presenter felt “utterly bereft” after inhaling “two huge balloons" of skunk

18 Feb, 2015

17.02.15 Rebecca Clarke headteacher

Rebecca Clarke, headteacher

Former dinner lady ascends the ranks to become headteacher

17 Feb, 2015

16.02.15 Michele Ferrero confectioner

Michele Ferrero, confectioner

Nutella billionaire dies aged 89

16 Feb, 2015

12.02.15 Jon Stewart US talk show presenter

Jon Stewart US talk show presenter

Renowned satirist steps down from Daily Show role

12 Feb, 2015

11.02.15 Paul Coleman metal detectorist

Paul Coleman, metal detectorist

The amateur treasure hunter who unearthed £1.3m worth of Anglo-Saxon coins

11 Feb, 2015

10.02.15 Midnighter superhero

Midnighter, superhero

DC Comics gives gay male superhero his own solo series

10 Feb, 2015

09.02.15 Sir Michael Gambon actor

Sir Michael Gambon, actor

Veteran actor ends stage career because he can't remember lines

09 Feb, 2015

05.02.15 John Simpson C-Brace patient

John Simpson, C-Brace patient

Golfer becomes first Briton to be fitted with computer-controlled leg brace

05 Feb, 2015

03.02.15 Dr Kate Granger hospital consultant

Dr Kate Granger, hospital consultant

NHS throws weight behind campaign for health staff to introduce themselves to patients

03 Feb, 2015

29.01.15 Burt Bacharach singer songwriter

Burt Bacharach, singer-songwriter

Veteran performer announces UK tour dates

29 Jan, 2015

28.01.15 Philip Glass composer

Philip Glass, composer

Renowned composer to score forthcoming Fantastic Four film

28 Jan, 2015

27.01.15 Nicole Pisani chef

Nicole Pisani, chef

Top chef takes job cooking school dinners

27 Jan, 2015

26.01.15 Paddy Ashdown politician and voiceover artist

Paddy Ashdown, politician & voiceover artist

Lib Dem election campaign manager criticised for offering himself for voiceover jobs

26 Jan, 2015

22.01.15 Brian Blessed actor

Brian Blessed, actor

Thespian collapses on stage - but insists on finishing performance

22 Jan, 2015

21.01.15 Joel and Ethan Coen filmmakers

Joel and Ethan Coen, film-makers

Coen brothers announced a co-presidents of 2015 Cannes Film Festival jury

21 Jan, 2015

19.01.15 Graeme Lothian war artist

Graeme Lothian, war artist

Painter unveils new collection following career-threatening shooting

19 Jan, 2015

14.01.15 Troy Bradley and Leonid Tiukhtyaev balloon pilots

Troy Bradley & Leonid Tiukhtyaev, balloon pilots

Bad weather bursts balloon pilots' bubble

14 Jan, 2015

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