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13.01.15 Alex Rukin schoolboy

Alex Rukin, schoolboy

Campaigner, nine, speaks out in Parliament against "stupid" HS2 plans

13 Jan, 2015

08.01.15 Kevin Jorgeson & Tommy Caldwell climbers

Kevin Jorgeson & Tommy Caldwell, climbers

Adventurers reach halfway point in landmark climb

08 Jan, 2015

05.01.15 Nick Mulvey folk singer

Nick Mulvey, folk singer

Musician feels 'sick' to count David Cameron as fan

05 Jan, 2015

01.01.15 Redine Gries scientist

Regine Gries, scientist

Scientist acts as human bait for thousands of bedbugs

01 Jan, 2015

30.12.14 Paul Cummins artist

Paul Cummins, artist

Snobbery will prevent poppies from being nominated for Turner Prize, artist claims

30 Dec, 2014

18.12.14 Dominique Harrison-Bentzen student

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, student

Student raises thousands of pounds for homeless man who gave her his last £3

18 Dec, 2014

04.12.14 RJ Mitte actor

RJ Mitte, actor

The Breaking Bad star on embracing disability - and his sex-symbol status

04 Dec, 2014

03.12.14 Samantha imaginary scorer

Samantha, imaginary scorer

BBC investigates 'lovely Samantha' sexism complaint

03 Dec, 2014

02.12.14 Roberto Gomez Bolanos comedian

Roberto Gomez Bolanos, comedian

Thousands gather in Mexico for beloved comedian's funeral

02 Dec, 2014

27.11.14 Annie Murphy inspirational speaker

Annie Murphy, inspirational speaker

Standing ovation for 101-year-old woman's rousing speech

27 Nov, 2014

26.11.14 Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias alleged fraudster

Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias, alleged fraudster

Suspected conman baffles Spanish public with far-fetched claims

26 Nov, 2014

25.11.14 Manuel Parisseaux birthday card recipient

Manuel Parisseaux, birthday card recipient

Man with Down's syndrome moved to tears by 30,000 birthday cards

25 Nov, 2014

24.11.14 Phyllis Latour Doyle former spy

Phyllis Latour Doyle, former spy

Wartime spy honoured for helping liberate France from Nazi rule

24 Nov, 2014

12.11.14 GHrold and Sue Ann Hamm multibillion dollar divorcees

Harold and Sue Ann Hamm, multibillion-dollar divorcees

Oil mogul ordered to pay ex-wife almost $1bn

12 Nov, 2014

11.11.14 Annemarie Atha and Geraldine Rowing identical twins

Annemarie Atha & Geraldine Rowing, identical twins

Sisters participate in UK's first live liver transplant

11 Nov, 2014

10.11.14 Harry Belafonte singer

Harry Belafonte, singer

Honorary Oscar winner appeals to Hollywood to tackle social injustice

10 Nov, 2014

04.11.14 Tom Archer sausage entrepreneur

Tom Archer, sausage entrepreneur

Archers pig farmer role recast

04 Nov, 2014

30.10.14 Emma Bond campaigner

Emma Bond, campaigner

Mother takes on Facebook after social network removes 'offensive' breastfeeding photo

30 Oct, 2014

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